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Australian Trade Mark Search

Fixed Fee - $300 & GST


  • Detailed written legal advice on the prospects of success of your trade mark.

  • Completed by a trade mark lawyer

  • Fixed price

  • Delivered in 3-7 days

and… it’s a great investment!

  • $200 Credit Applied to your Subsequent Trade Mark Application.

*A trade mark search is an exploratory move. TMA will provide you with a report that outlines how easy or difficult it could be to be to register your trade mark in Australia.

Australian Trade Mark Application

Fixed Fee - $990 & GST (plus Government Fees of $330 per class)


  • Initial Consultation with IP Lawyer

  • Advice Memo on Your Proposed Trade Mark

  • Professional classification for your goods or services

  • Application Preparation by IP Lawyer

  • Filing of Your Application

  • Filed in 3-7 days (after your approval)

  • TMA Acting as Your Address for Service

  • Expedited Application (reducing a seven month waiting period to approx. two months)

  • Basic Responses to IP Australia Requests

  • Advising client on filing acceptance and registration


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Additional Services

We provide a detailed fixed price quote for the following services:

Detailed Responses to IP Australia Initial Refusals

Trade Mark Oppositions (for and against your trade Marks)

International Trade Mark Applications

Defending or Taking Infringement Proceedings  


Client Benefits


Frequent Flyer Discount.

We provide a 10% discount on professional fees for a second through fifth Trade Mark Application we do for you, and your sixth Trade Mark Application will be free of professional fees (Compulsory Government Fees still apply).

Friends of TMA Credit

If you like what we do and refer a new client to us and that client subsequently uses our services for a trade mark application then we will credit you $200 for your next application.


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